SKYE Footwear

At Ballentine Media, I had the pleasure of art directing a technical product video shoot for SKYE Footwear’s ELEMENTAL line, which highlighted the shoes capabilities to combat water and rainy weather.

Even though we had a very small budget I wanted to create a high impact technical video, which definitely put my creativity and resourcefulness to the test. Using DIY techniques, I pulled together make shift rigs including a lazy Susan, a large silicon sealed picture frame, hydrophobic spray, stencils, watering cans, spray bottles, and a subwoofer. Using these limited resources, we were successfully able to capture a compelling video that showcased how the shoes could repel water in an abstract yet artful way.

I also art directed product and lifestyle photoshoots for SKYE’s original and ELEMENTAL collections.


Client | SKYE
Lead Art Director | Michelle lim
Brand Strategy Director | Dylan Ballentine
Videographer | Nima Zadrafi
Photographer | Jeremy Wong – Popcorn
Agency | Ballentine Media & Popcorn